Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the life of a working mother

oh alas the life of a working mother, what should I do? that has been the question for a loing time now. I lost a client due to moving and gained 4 new clients and don't know what to do with them. they all need my help but I don't have enough time for them. a lady i work with tried to get me fired the other day. so I told my boss that if she is going to be like that I don't want to work with her. my boss then said "I wont let you go you can't quit" that made me feel great. I love my job but I need to be a mother more than a worker. hayden is now 2 in a half and wants to play with his friends and he can't because mom is always at work. and he is almost always with alisha (my sister) or with someone elce. and my house is also feeling the effects of it to. I have to work because ryan dose not make enough and thats ok. My checks pays the bills and buys the food and his goes to the house payment. I don't want to make this look like I am complaining because I am not. I just want some imput on this thats all.
on a happier note we are very happy hayden is talking more and being very bossy. in the mornings he will go to his door and call me. "mom come here" and if I dont he will say it again but with more gust "MOM COME HERE NOW" ya yelling he also is into taking his table chair everywhere he goes. just this morning I found him at the kitchen sink playing in the water. oh and the other night he wanted to call Grandma Wardle and we did he said hi and talked for a second (no joke) and gave the phone to me and went right into the bathroom and started the bath water. I was talking to grandma and I walked in the bathroom and he had his shirt off and his underware to he then climed into the bathtub and turned on the shower. oh that kid. Grandma Wardle then said "i think he is getting a bath tonight" ya I said I guess. so we hung up and hayden took a shower a hot one at that. he loves to play with dads soap and tries to get some and then he pretends to wipe it all over himself. any who
oh that boy I guess thats what a 2 year old dose.