Saturday, August 8, 2009

The fun week and weekend

ok so Ithink I figured out how to put pictures on here. hayden has had a fun week and weekend and I want to show off some ictures. first we went to the tracy aviary on wednesday and he loved it he even stood like a pink flamingo of course he held onto the stroller. yesterday sat we went to the county fair in South Jordan and he also had a blast and petted a lot of animals. even a cammel he loved it and wants to go back soon. on the way to the fair we were driving and he said "dad I want to get a job." that was out of the blue. of course he is always saying weird things that are out of the blue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Oven

Oh the oven trouble. A few months ago our oven started to do weird things such as f2ing us and turning its self off. finally about 2 months ago it went out and would not even get up to temp. it got to the point that it would f2 me multipule times each time the oven was on. and I f2 it back each time. the week before the oven went out I made a pork roast for sunday dinner. well it took about 3 hours to get to 140 degrees, so I called Darla and we finished cooking it at her house. thats when I told Bob about it, he went right to work on it. the next day he came over to look at the oven, he checked the temp and other things. then he called A repair man that Rick knows. to make a long story short he ordered a part 20 dollars. and almost 3 weeks later he cam over and replaced the part. and my oven works. thanks Bob. ryan and I hope this is not a fluke. Saturday I made Smores brownies and Calzones ans yesterday (sunday) I made meat loaf and it cooked on time and everything.
we are so happy.