Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hayden and his little friends

Hayden loves his little friends, he has a few girl friends and his favorite color is pink. there is this little girl oh about 8 months younger than him. they are connected by the hip. the other night when Ryan got home he went to check on Hayden, when he came into the room he asked me If I knew what hayden was dreaming about. I said no what and he asked who Abby was. Abby is his friend who we were going to watch the next morning. turnes out that he was talking about her in his sleep. Abby will not go to her nursery class at all but she will go to Haydens class or to my class. Today after church Abby wanted to go find Hayden and say good bye. hayden was actually looking for abby. ya he is quite the little flirt when it comes to girls. he has no boy friends yet. what to do?
Hayden is growing like a weed he now weighs about 25lbs and a little taller than last year. his bed time is 9pm and he is my alarm clock every morning oh around 7:30am every morning.sometimes even earlier.Hayden loves to get into everything and anything. he also loves his dads tools so if anybody knows who hasplay tools please let me know.