Saturday, October 17, 2009

work and family life as of today.

Its been about a month and I haven't written, yet I have ben very busy like everybodyelce I have a family and a house to keep up. I have a new job. its where I was working before hayden was born. I am a medical assisstant again and loving it. I work at the University of Utah and other places where they send me. yes I am an agency worker the nams would be MSN Medical Staffing Network. they actually called me a few months ago and asked if I would come back to work for them and I said I still had a litle one and another job, then I started to think about it and talked to ryan about it, I was so happy that ryan was on the same street as I was, so I did my CEU classes and 156 dollars later I was licenced again. yeah I am so happy, I worked in a health fair one week and the next week I was at the U of U working in clinic 1a which is an infectious disease clinic. I was there for 2 hours and then sent home due to not many patients. it was good to be sent home because I was not feeling well. As I was feeling like crap I was getting worse, so I called in the next day and really had no voice I went to the dr the next day and they did a Flu exam on me I think they were digging for my brain it hurt so much. I started to cry. yes it hurt. as it turns out I have had the flu type B a not so bad flu it just has to take its course, I begged the dr to let me go to work and he said no not at all I need the weekend to recover. I was so bummed to not work as I was going to the Huntsman Center the next day. any who I feel much better today and its saturday I mean yesterday I felt better also. I hope that dose not happen again for a while. I get to start giving shots with the SL County soon both the H1N1 shots and the flu shots.
Ryan and I have started this PDox exercist thing on DVD his co workers started it and are looking good d=so he wanted to start it. he loves it.I on the other hand don't its not for me I like to go to the gym and not pushed into a workout routine. hayden likes to workout with daddy, like the other day he worked out with daddy and when I got up he showed me what he had learned its like a dance routine, he said "kick out here shake butt then kick out here and shake butt" it was so funny I laughed he even showed my parents by leaning on the TV and kicking and wiggling his butt. todya he did some abbs with daddy.
well thats my life as of right now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

hayden and what he says

oh the things little boys say,
1. daddy you stink go to the bathroom
2.the neighboors cat is named BRAT
3.I want to go to school
4.I want a job
5.i am glad to see you
6.I want to feed the spider
7.I like soap (lotion) we had to move all the lotion from his room today
8.I'm not tired as he falls to sleep
9.I am a big boy so he can get out of doing things.

we were at the dermatologist the other day and hayden was saying its ok mom the whole time the doctor was working on me. he even said thank you to the doctor for working on him. he looked at haydens eye. the other day hayden found a way to climb the retaining wall in our back yard. He climbed on his fire truck to get up, then he walked the palnk for a while. he tried to jump down off the wall and that is a little to high for him so as he was getting ready saying"get ready set and as he said go I cought him in mid air.
hayden deffinatly keeps us on our feet.we love our little boy so much and would be lost without him.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The fun week and weekend

ok so Ithink I figured out how to put pictures on here. hayden has had a fun week and weekend and I want to show off some ictures. first we went to the tracy aviary on wednesday and he loved it he even stood like a pink flamingo of course he held onto the stroller. yesterday sat we went to the county fair in South Jordan and he also had a blast and petted a lot of animals. even a cammel he loved it and wants to go back soon. on the way to the fair we were driving and he said "dad I want to get a job." that was out of the blue. of course he is always saying weird things that are out of the blue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Oven

Oh the oven trouble. A few months ago our oven started to do weird things such as f2ing us and turning its self off. finally about 2 months ago it went out and would not even get up to temp. it got to the point that it would f2 me multipule times each time the oven was on. and I f2 it back each time. the week before the oven went out I made a pork roast for sunday dinner. well it took about 3 hours to get to 140 degrees, so I called Darla and we finished cooking it at her house. thats when I told Bob about it, he went right to work on it. the next day he came over to look at the oven, he checked the temp and other things. then he called A repair man that Rick knows. to make a long story short he ordered a part 20 dollars. and almost 3 weeks later he cam over and replaced the part. and my oven works. thanks Bob. ryan and I hope this is not a fluke. Saturday I made Smores brownies and Calzones ans yesterday (sunday) I made meat loaf and it cooked on time and everything.
we are so happy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hayden and his little friends

Hayden loves his little friends, he has a few girl friends and his favorite color is pink. there is this little girl oh about 8 months younger than him. they are connected by the hip. the other night when Ryan got home he went to check on Hayden, when he came into the room he asked me If I knew what hayden was dreaming about. I said no what and he asked who Abby was. Abby is his friend who we were going to watch the next morning. turnes out that he was talking about her in his sleep. Abby will not go to her nursery class at all but she will go to Haydens class or to my class. Today after church Abby wanted to go find Hayden and say good bye. hayden was actually looking for abby. ya he is quite the little flirt when it comes to girls. he has no boy friends yet. what to do?
Hayden is growing like a weed he now weighs about 25lbs and a little taller than last year. his bed time is 9pm and he is my alarm clock every morning oh around 7:30am every morning.sometimes even earlier.Hayden loves to get into everything and anything. he also loves his dads tools so if anybody knows who hasplay tools please let me know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Well yesterday was tuesday April 22 and Hayden and I and My client went to the Gateway and had a blast. We met Ryan there and had dinner then off to some fun activities. Mitchell my client, he wanted to walk around and check out all the girls. He is 16 go figure. any who we went to the gateway to run through the fountain, but instead they had a basketball court up and t-mobile was putting it on, they had food, drinks and prizes. they also had a huge tv on the ball game. Ben And Jerrys icecream was giving free ice cream out that was in the mist of everything we all got a little mors sun than wanted. haydens arms and mine are burnt ok red.
Today was a great day to Wednesday April 23rd we went to the park with some neighboors. the Morning Cloak park. that was nice hayden played he really enjoyed the swing. then we went on a long walk, then home and played outside in front. we got more sun now on our faces. then play date came and we went to the south Jordan Swimming pool and swam until hayden swallowed to much water and threw up in the pool. ya Grose. so we went to Riverton Park and played a while. so now we are home and hayden is sleeping like a baby. I love spending time with my son. someone told me that hayden is only 2 once, and work isn't the most important thing hayden is. so now I only work 3-4 days a week and in the evening so I get to spend more time with Hayden. and only 2 days out of the week I need someone to watch him. I am so happy now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the funnest satursay I have had in a long time

last satursay was a good day , except when hayden decided to be a little boy and is very fussy. any who we went to a furneral and didn't last very long due to hayden not wanting to stay. he wanted to play and play hard. so we went to Central Park and had lunch anf then off to the airforce museum. that was fun we got so many pickures of hayden and dad by planes and touching propellers. we do have pictures but I don't know how to put them on yet. we went to the gift center and bought 2 planes that shoot off into the air. and one aircraft that hayden would not leave alone.
in all i think the day went well. we were out as a family which we don't do much due to work and different scheduals. I cherrish those days and always hope for more.
I love Ryan and Hayden

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the life of a working mother

oh alas the life of a working mother, what should I do? that has been the question for a loing time now. I lost a client due to moving and gained 4 new clients and don't know what to do with them. they all need my help but I don't have enough time for them. a lady i work with tried to get me fired the other day. so I told my boss that if she is going to be like that I don't want to work with her. my boss then said "I wont let you go you can't quit" that made me feel great. I love my job but I need to be a mother more than a worker. hayden is now 2 in a half and wants to play with his friends and he can't because mom is always at work. and he is almost always with alisha (my sister) or with someone elce. and my house is also feeling the effects of it to. I have to work because ryan dose not make enough and thats ok. My checks pays the bills and buys the food and his goes to the house payment. I don't want to make this look like I am complaining because I am not. I just want some imput on this thats all.
on a happier note we are very happy hayden is talking more and being very bossy. in the mornings he will go to his door and call me. "mom come here" and if I dont he will say it again but with more gust "MOM COME HERE NOW" ya yelling he also is into taking his table chair everywhere he goes. just this morning I found him at the kitchen sink playing in the water. oh and the other night he wanted to call Grandma Wardle and we did he said hi and talked for a second (no joke) and gave the phone to me and went right into the bathroom and started the bath water. I was talking to grandma and I walked in the bathroom and he had his shirt off and his underware to he then climed into the bathtub and turned on the shower. oh that kid. Grandma Wardle then said "i think he is getting a bath tonight" ya I said I guess. so we hung up and hayden took a shower a hot one at that. he loves to play with dads soap and tries to get some and then he pretends to wipe it all over himself. any who
oh that boy I guess thats what a 2 year old dose.