Saturday, October 17, 2009

work and family life as of today.

Its been about a month and I haven't written, yet I have ben very busy like everybodyelce I have a family and a house to keep up. I have a new job. its where I was working before hayden was born. I am a medical assisstant again and loving it. I work at the University of Utah and other places where they send me. yes I am an agency worker the nams would be MSN Medical Staffing Network. they actually called me a few months ago and asked if I would come back to work for them and I said I still had a litle one and another job, then I started to think about it and talked to ryan about it, I was so happy that ryan was on the same street as I was, so I did my CEU classes and 156 dollars later I was licenced again. yeah I am so happy, I worked in a health fair one week and the next week I was at the U of U working in clinic 1a which is an infectious disease clinic. I was there for 2 hours and then sent home due to not many patients. it was good to be sent home because I was not feeling well. As I was feeling like crap I was getting worse, so I called in the next day and really had no voice I went to the dr the next day and they did a Flu exam on me I think they were digging for my brain it hurt so much. I started to cry. yes it hurt. as it turns out I have had the flu type B a not so bad flu it just has to take its course, I begged the dr to let me go to work and he said no not at all I need the weekend to recover. I was so bummed to not work as I was going to the Huntsman Center the next day. any who I feel much better today and its saturday I mean yesterday I felt better also. I hope that dose not happen again for a while. I get to start giving shots with the SL County soon both the H1N1 shots and the flu shots.
Ryan and I have started this PDox exercist thing on DVD his co workers started it and are looking good d=so he wanted to start it. he loves it.I on the other hand don't its not for me I like to go to the gym and not pushed into a workout routine. hayden likes to workout with daddy, like the other day he worked out with daddy and when I got up he showed me what he had learned its like a dance routine, he said "kick out here shake butt then kick out here and shake butt" it was so funny I laughed he even showed my parents by leaning on the TV and kicking and wiggling his butt. todya he did some abbs with daddy.
well thats my life as of right now.

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Darla said...

So funny about Hayden. I'm really proud of you Penny for working so hard lately.