Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been a very long time

So it has been a very long time and we are still here working and living. hayden is almost 4 now and acting his age. we are expecting our 2nd at the end of september and love the idea. Ryan wants more and I don't for sure. I have never wanted more than 2 or 3 children. any who Hayden loves the idea of being a big brother and insists on having a sister not a brother, if he gets a brother he will cut it up. He told the our friend who watches him that he has a brother in his tummy, so mabye he is changing his mind. I don't find out until may 11th. I am hoping for a girl but will be happy for another boy I have the stuff for a boy.

My friend and I just went on a weekend out with out the boys and loved it, we went to ST George. we shoped and were lazy and stuff. I got sick and ended up in the insta care sat night. I was put on antiobotics. My friend said that she is not going on vacaion with me again because every thime we go I get sick or it rains. hmm I can't prevent that from happening, i mean mother nature has her ideas and plans and me getting ill just happens and I hate myself for that. well we stayed at the Sands Motel which was not all that bad except the locks on the door woulden't work and the beds were harder than a rock and the water pressure was non existant. I was not feeling well saturday and I was getting very upset at everything. I needed a nap. so we came to the hotel to rest for a while and 1/2 hour later we were still trying to get into our room by that time I was saying not so nice words and holly was trying to calm me down. she wanted me to go and tell the managers that we wernt getting into our room, I said if I go in there I will not be nice so bless her heart she went in there and yelled at them (really) they changed our keys and we got in our room. we swear it was the door its self that was malfunctioning. I don't think I will ever book that motel again.
earlier that day we went to the tabernacle and looked around and got the scoop on it. the tour guide didn't want his picture taken but I got it when he was not expecting it. there were some interesting things in the building I got pictures of. we then went for a walk and looked around there was an old school and library that have been up graded and now there is a swimming place for the children to play in and a water park kind of thing. Alisha and Kevin met us there and we talked and played for a while. I am taking hayden to St george this summer just for the water park, it's like nothing we have here. red rocks and water so nice. we didn't make it to Zions National park so when we go again we will have to go. all in all it was a good trip concerding all teh mishaps.

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Darla said...

Good post Penny. At least you got some time to yourself and enjoyed the sunshine with a good friend.