Thursday, January 27, 2011

new workout program continued

well I have been slacking off lately I worked out only once this week. but for some reason I have lost about 2lbs that if my scale at home isn't lying to me. I started to take a multi vitamin and an herble pill that helps with my appatite and cravings, this is my 2nd day on it and it works my cravings are cut in half and I don't get hungry as often. but I do need somw more motivation on the working out thing. I am also not feeling very well and that may be the reason ir is it my little girl. nope I have no real excuse except that I need to pick myself up and just do it. any one out there have the same problem and what do you do about it?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Workout Program

well It;s saturday Jan 22 2011 and I have not worked out today, I took a break but I did go to weight watchers and am down .2lbs, ya not a lot but at least it's better than last week where I had gained 2.2lbs. I took my mom to a meeting today and she cried because she really in her mind dose not think she cam do this, they have no money to do so either, and her excuse is that she has no will power to change her lifestyle and learn how to the right way to loose the weight and safely. she is thinking agbout doing the HCG diet and I for one think that is a bad idea especially in her case. she would have to eas only certain foods a day and have only 500 cal a day. that is starving the body and in my opinion is not good for you ar the body, I have friends who have done that diet andthey succeded and I am very proud of them for doing so. but what happens when the 40 days are over? where do you go from there? With weight watchers it's a life lnog thing. its not a mericle diet where you loose meag pounds in a week (which is very bad for your body.) it takes time and patients to learn all the tools you will be using for the rest of your life and the weight will come off a little at a time and your body will not sacrafice the nutrients it needs. as for the workouts I am doing those 3 days a week until I get used to them. I am so excited I lost .2lbs this week and I hope to loose more next week. maybe a little moe than .2lbs but no more than 2 or 3 lbs which would be safe. I am so very proud of my mom she took this step twards a new life and I am willing to help her in any way I can.

New Workout Program

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New work out program

Ok everybody I am going to do this, this time. excuse the bad grammer and the mis spelling of worda and anything elce you might find wrong with my writing.
Day 1 of the work out program the brutal truth.
I went to a friends house today that is a beach body coach and she started me on this shakeology fitness workouts. one is 30 minutes and the other is 50 minutes. I am doing the 30 minute for 2 weeks I think she said and then the 50 minute for 2 weeks and then take photos of my self again. Today I took photos of my self and thats when I learned that I needed this, I am FAT and out of shape and need to trim some inches off every part of my body. my measurments are off the scale and I have never been this heavy in my life. I track my progress every day on the web site. at this point I am a free member so I don't get all the exciting things the members get. but plan to join in the future because you get to choose a meal plan and have a shopping list all out in front of you. on top of all this I am doing Weight watchers again and hope to become a life time member in the future.
My problem is that I need to get and keep the motivation going and now I have a great friend who lives nearby that will work out with me and help me with this process, I also have sister In Laws that are willing to help also. My sister alisha is doing this with me and we hope to put our parents through the roof this summer with what we have lost. inches and weight and fat all in one.
tonight I worked out for the first time I mean really worked out with hayden under foot really. he almost got the 5lb weights in his head and face many times. he climed on me making the workout more difficult and of course i got upset with him and I should have not gotten that way I mean he was trying to play with me. hello Penny he is 4 years old. any who I worked out for half hour with the shakeology 30 minute workout and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow, I also did the WII fit for 30 minutes the advanced bike ride and then the basic step. I was in a sweat and loved it. I am not a person who likes to sweat even if I am working out so this is a milestone in it's self. so all of you who are trying to get fit do the best you can and don't give up it only takes a day or two to not work out and then you give up and then try again next year. so live life as it were your last and loose those lbs.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh so long ago

Well it is a new year and one of my resolutions are to write in my blogg more often. we had a great year last year in 2010. Ryan got 2 promotions and I had another baby which is my last. it took us a while to get her just like it took us to get Hayden. we went through 5 artificial insemanations and then was put on 2 medications to get me ovulating and everything andthen the shots came. after almost a year of doing that we got pregnant with Katie, We were so over joyed and very happy my pregnancy was easier than haydens, no problems there until the last month when I was put on bed rest. she came a week early and weighed in at 6lbs 12oz.
Hayden on the other hand was so excited he actually called this one, last december he asked santa clause for a sister. so he called it. i will finish later

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been a very long time

So it has been a very long time and we are still here working and living. hayden is almost 4 now and acting his age. we are expecting our 2nd at the end of september and love the idea. Ryan wants more and I don't for sure. I have never wanted more than 2 or 3 children. any who Hayden loves the idea of being a big brother and insists on having a sister not a brother, if he gets a brother he will cut it up. He told the our friend who watches him that he has a brother in his tummy, so mabye he is changing his mind. I don't find out until may 11th. I am hoping for a girl but will be happy for another boy I have the stuff for a boy.

My friend and I just went on a weekend out with out the boys and loved it, we went to ST George. we shoped and were lazy and stuff. I got sick and ended up in the insta care sat night. I was put on antiobotics. My friend said that she is not going on vacaion with me again because every thime we go I get sick or it rains. hmm I can't prevent that from happening, i mean mother nature has her ideas and plans and me getting ill just happens and I hate myself for that. well we stayed at the Sands Motel which was not all that bad except the locks on the door woulden't work and the beds were harder than a rock and the water pressure was non existant. I was not feeling well saturday and I was getting very upset at everything. I needed a nap. so we came to the hotel to rest for a while and 1/2 hour later we were still trying to get into our room by that time I was saying not so nice words and holly was trying to calm me down. she wanted me to go and tell the managers that we wernt getting into our room, I said if I go in there I will not be nice so bless her heart she went in there and yelled at them (really) they changed our keys and we got in our room. we swear it was the door its self that was malfunctioning. I don't think I will ever book that motel again.
earlier that day we went to the tabernacle and looked around and got the scoop on it. the tour guide didn't want his picture taken but I got it when he was not expecting it. there were some interesting things in the building I got pictures of. we then went for a walk and looked around there was an old school and library that have been up graded and now there is a swimming place for the children to play in and a water park kind of thing. Alisha and Kevin met us there and we talked and played for a while. I am taking hayden to St george this summer just for the water park, it's like nothing we have here. red rocks and water so nice. we didn't make it to Zions National park so when we go again we will have to go. all in all it was a good trip concerding all teh mishaps.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

work and family life as of today.

Its been about a month and I haven't written, yet I have ben very busy like everybodyelce I have a family and a house to keep up. I have a new job. its where I was working before hayden was born. I am a medical assisstant again and loving it. I work at the University of Utah and other places where they send me. yes I am an agency worker the nams would be MSN Medical Staffing Network. they actually called me a few months ago and asked if I would come back to work for them and I said I still had a litle one and another job, then I started to think about it and talked to ryan about it, I was so happy that ryan was on the same street as I was, so I did my CEU classes and 156 dollars later I was licenced again. yeah I am so happy, I worked in a health fair one week and the next week I was at the U of U working in clinic 1a which is an infectious disease clinic. I was there for 2 hours and then sent home due to not many patients. it was good to be sent home because I was not feeling well. As I was feeling like crap I was getting worse, so I called in the next day and really had no voice I went to the dr the next day and they did a Flu exam on me I think they were digging for my brain it hurt so much. I started to cry. yes it hurt. as it turns out I have had the flu type B a not so bad flu it just has to take its course, I begged the dr to let me go to work and he said no not at all I need the weekend to recover. I was so bummed to not work as I was going to the Huntsman Center the next day. any who I feel much better today and its saturday I mean yesterday I felt better also. I hope that dose not happen again for a while. I get to start giving shots with the SL County soon both the H1N1 shots and the flu shots.
Ryan and I have started this PDox exercist thing on DVD his co workers started it and are looking good d=so he wanted to start it. he loves it.I on the other hand don't its not for me I like to go to the gym and not pushed into a workout routine. hayden likes to workout with daddy, like the other day he worked out with daddy and when I got up he showed me what he had learned its like a dance routine, he said "kick out here shake butt then kick out here and shake butt" it was so funny I laughed he even showed my parents by leaning on the TV and kicking and wiggling his butt. todya he did some abbs with daddy.
well thats my life as of right now.