Thursday, January 20, 2011

New work out program

Ok everybody I am going to do this, this time. excuse the bad grammer and the mis spelling of worda and anything elce you might find wrong with my writing.
Day 1 of the work out program the brutal truth.
I went to a friends house today that is a beach body coach and she started me on this shakeology fitness workouts. one is 30 minutes and the other is 50 minutes. I am doing the 30 minute for 2 weeks I think she said and then the 50 minute for 2 weeks and then take photos of my self again. Today I took photos of my self and thats when I learned that I needed this, I am FAT and out of shape and need to trim some inches off every part of my body. my measurments are off the scale and I have never been this heavy in my life. I track my progress every day on the web site. at this point I am a free member so I don't get all the exciting things the members get. but plan to join in the future because you get to choose a meal plan and have a shopping list all out in front of you. on top of all this I am doing Weight watchers again and hope to become a life time member in the future.
My problem is that I need to get and keep the motivation going and now I have a great friend who lives nearby that will work out with me and help me with this process, I also have sister In Laws that are willing to help also. My sister alisha is doing this with me and we hope to put our parents through the roof this summer with what we have lost. inches and weight and fat all in one.
tonight I worked out for the first time I mean really worked out with hayden under foot really. he almost got the 5lb weights in his head and face many times. he climed on me making the workout more difficult and of course i got upset with him and I should have not gotten that way I mean he was trying to play with me. hello Penny he is 4 years old. any who I worked out for half hour with the shakeology 30 minute workout and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow, I also did the WII fit for 30 minutes the advanced bike ride and then the basic step. I was in a sweat and loved it. I am not a person who likes to sweat even if I am working out so this is a milestone in it's self. so all of you who are trying to get fit do the best you can and don't give up it only takes a day or two to not work out and then you give up and then try again next year. so live life as it were your last and loose those lbs.

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The Jongejans said...

Penny, I am sooo proud of you! You need to remember that the pictures you took today are your "goodbye" pictures. This is your new life, soreness, watching what you eat, and kids under your feet while you exercise and all. I'll be here for you every step of the way! You CAN do it!!