Friday, September 11, 2009

hayden and what he says

oh the things little boys say,
1. daddy you stink go to the bathroom
2.the neighboors cat is named BRAT
3.I want to go to school
4.I want a job
5.i am glad to see you
6.I want to feed the spider
7.I like soap (lotion) we had to move all the lotion from his room today
8.I'm not tired as he falls to sleep
9.I am a big boy so he can get out of doing things.

we were at the dermatologist the other day and hayden was saying its ok mom the whole time the doctor was working on me. he even said thank you to the doctor for working on him. he looked at haydens eye. the other day hayden found a way to climb the retaining wall in our back yard. He climbed on his fire truck to get up, then he walked the palnk for a while. he tried to jump down off the wall and that is a little to high for him so as he was getting ready saying"get ready set and as he said go I cought him in mid air.
hayden deffinatly keeps us on our feet.we love our little boy so much and would be lost without him.