Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Well yesterday was tuesday April 22 and Hayden and I and My client went to the Gateway and had a blast. We met Ryan there and had dinner then off to some fun activities. Mitchell my client, he wanted to walk around and check out all the girls. He is 16 go figure. any who we went to the gateway to run through the fountain, but instead they had a basketball court up and t-mobile was putting it on, they had food, drinks and prizes. they also had a huge tv on the ball game. Ben And Jerrys icecream was giving free ice cream out that was in the mist of everything we all got a little mors sun than wanted. haydens arms and mine are burnt ok red.
Today was a great day to Wednesday April 23rd we went to the park with some neighboors. the Morning Cloak park. that was nice hayden played he really enjoyed the swing. then we went on a long walk, then home and played outside in front. we got more sun now on our faces. then play date came and we went to the south Jordan Swimming pool and swam until hayden swallowed to much water and threw up in the pool. ya Grose. so we went to Riverton Park and played a while. so now we are home and hayden is sleeping like a baby. I love spending time with my son. someone told me that hayden is only 2 once, and work isn't the most important thing hayden is. so now I only work 3-4 days a week and in the evening so I get to spend more time with Hayden. and only 2 days out of the week I need someone to watch him. I am so happy now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the funnest satursay I have had in a long time

last satursay was a good day , except when hayden decided to be a little boy and is very fussy. any who we went to a furneral and didn't last very long due to hayden not wanting to stay. he wanted to play and play hard. so we went to Central Park and had lunch anf then off to the airforce museum. that was fun we got so many pickures of hayden and dad by planes and touching propellers. we do have pictures but I don't know how to put them on yet. we went to the gift center and bought 2 planes that shoot off into the air. and one aircraft that hayden would not leave alone.
in all i think the day went well. we were out as a family which we don't do much due to work and different scheduals. I cherrish those days and always hope for more.
I love Ryan and Hayden